The Courage To Believe

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Who Should Read “The Courage To Believe?”

    • Young teens and adults who is finding it difficult to focus in the midst of life’s chaos.
    • Anyone who continues to struggle with the past failures finding it hard to move forward.
    • Anyone who understands that life is an adventure.
    • Anyone who is facing adversity in their life and wants to strategically win.
    • Anyone who desires “Mountain Moving Faith!”

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The Courage To Believe

A book of movie like drama based on my trials, tribulations and how I ultimately overcame the adversities that holds so many of us back. This inspirational true story of my life gives you insight on how I found‚ “The Courage To Believe.” As a mentor I hope to lift the spirits of millions of teens and young adults- globally. January 12, 2014 marked the four year anniversary of the earthquake that shattered Haiti’s foundations. I pledge to donate 10% of the profits made from every book you purchased to the Caribbean Fellowship Ministries. This orphanage feeds and teaches hundreds of children each day. This is more than a book – it’s a mission that is dear to my heart.  All things are possible if you, “Never Give  Up, Keep Moving Forward!”

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  • Dr. Lenz, Professor At Florida Atlantic University

    Interesting story of perseverance! I think the book is much more interesting than I was expecting. It is interesting and the writing style is very effective.

  • Janet McNair Halbani, Publisher At Through the Olive Press

    “A captivating story that’s sure to inspire this generation and the next. Courage to Believe is a must-read!”

  • Mahubo, Brand Marketing Specialist

    Ohhhh…The book is breathetaking! I always admire people, especially African Americans, who don’t let
    adversity get in the way of the succeeding.