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Courage To Believe Book Cover Fighting against the U.S. Army was one of my toughest challenges and I won. Triumph. Determined to graduate from college despite being the prime suspect in a serious investigation. Victory. Corporate America wouldn’t accept me so I created my own trailblazing path into the business world with the favor of God. Perseverance. The Courage To Believe tells the captivating autobiographical story of how I grew up as a poor Haitian-American boy from a broken home and ended up in a yacht. This book will inspire you to pursue your dreams with everything that is within your power, and as if your life depends on it because in reality–it does. As a mentor, my goal is to show teens and young adults how to make successful life decisions. Ten percent of every sale goes to an Haitian Orphanage (Caribbean Fellowship Ministries) that feeds hundreds of children a day.

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  • Dr. Lenz

    Mr. Dorival, I think you have a well-written book. It is interesting and the writing style is very effective. I think the book is much more interesting than I was expecting something about religion. The introductory comments led me to think that th...

    Dr. Lenz, Director of Arts & Sciences. Florida Atlantic Universty

  • If theres a will...

    "A captivating story that's sure to inspire this generation and the next. Courage to Believe is a must-read!"

    Janet McNair Halbani, Founder, Through the Olive Press